The Miracle I've Seen

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The moving dramatic script has been interwoven with seven meaningful songs to clearly show that Jesus Christ cares for individuals and still works miracles in lives today. Carefully designed for any size ministry, the songs have been arranged to be comfortably attained even by smaller choirs. The dramatic cast requires three men (could include pastor), one woman, and one boy. Four of the characters are biblical, including the Apostle John who speaks as an eye-witness of the empty tomb and the events surrounding the resurrection.

The Miracle I've Seen includes the powerful anthem, "I Stand in Awe" as well as the compelling new song "Come to Christ." Other songs include "The Light of the Son", "Easter Praise", "In the Cross of Christ", and "The Miracle I've Seen." Each song has great potential for re-use as a stand alone choir special or solo. This musical also includes a fun song for optional children's choir.

Category: Vocal
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Hall, Steve and Jennifer
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Small Group
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30-60 Sec Sample
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